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Snorkel, Dive Mask,
& Manta Bite

Our snorkel and dive mask work best with the Manta-Bite mouthpiece that is designed with wing-like features along the front. These wings expand when it is inserted inside your mouth, resulting in the removal of the need to bite down on the mouthpiece itself. Start enjoying your dives and ensuring the highest levels of safety in your dive by wearing Manta-Bite LLC's equipment during your dives.


Installing the Manta Bite Mouthpiece

Step 1:
Remove your old mouthpiece carefully by cutting only the strap (most likely a cable tie) securing the mouthpiece to the regulator.
Step 2:
Connect the Manta Bite mouthpiece to the regulator and secure with enclosed tie strap and trim off excess strap. The side with the two small humps is the top.
Step 3:
Squeeze the "Manta wings" together and insert mouthpiece into your mouth. Let wings open up against the inside of your cheeks. Once the regulator is in place, you do not have to bite down on the mouthpiece. The Manta Bite can be adjusted if it is too large for your mouth by cutting off a piece of the ends to the desired fit.

Cut to Fit

We suggest that you do not trim the Manta Bite until you have worn it a few times. If it is too large you might develop discomfort in the area where it needs to be trimmed back. While diving with the Manta Bite you should completely relax your jaw. It will stay in your mouth and you'll find that it will be one of the most relaxing dives you have ever made.


Buddy Breathing

Buddy breathing with the Manta Bite is simple and easy. Just pull the regulator from your mouth and give it to your buddy. He or she can insert only the standard mouthpiece section leaving the wings outside their lips. They can then breathe normally.

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